Development of the NQF in Austria

In 2007 research institutions carried out “extended studies”. Since 2008 several pilot projects have been carried out in the following sectors: “building”, “tourism”, “health”, electrical and in the commercial and administrative field.

After the consultation process in 2008 and the analysis of numerous comments in 2009 by a group of experts a decision about the first few principles of the NQF in Austria could be taken on the basis of NQF position paper by a speech in front of the Ministerial Council in November 2009.

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In 2010 criteria and procedures for the classification of qualifications were developed. These are now undergoing a first testing procedure through the simulation phase. The simulation phase pursues the following aims:

  • Testing of the criteria elaborated for the classification of qualifications in the NQF and of the procedure for the classification of qualifications (Draft Handbook K1)
  • Development of an evaluated and tested basis for future classifications of qualifications of all corridors.
  • “Testing” of the critical moments in the procedure

In 2011 the National Coordination Point started extended public relations activities. On one hand with a road show through Austria and the beginning of the seminar series “Fit for NQF”, and on the other hand with individual counselling. The aim is to look into various aspects of the NQF/EQF and the learning result orientation and related topics and tools for selected target groups.

In 2012, too, there will be several events focusing on specific target groups. Another project for this year is the completion of an Austrian EQF classification report, which will provide an overview of the current developments. Link to EQF Referencing Report

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